• New bookings and events view

    • Feature
    • Improvement
    • Fix

    • Enhanced Bookings and Events Overview: Introducing a new table view for your bookings, designed to enhance visibility and manageability. Agencies can also benefit from a dedicated table for viewing all events. These tables feature powerful filters, sortable columns, and a fast, comprehensive search function.
    • 'Sell as show' is back! You can now group multiple bookings into a single show via the finance settings.
    • We've enhanced statement generation with the option to disable statements that have a zero balance total. Manage this new setting within your team > statement preferences.
    • It’s now clearer to see which expenses have been settled through a statement.
    • We've resolved an issue where documents were occasionally uploaded twice.
    • rtists' company addresses can now be included on statements.
    • A variety of other improvements and fixes have been implemented.
  • Stagent's first BIG update of 2024! ✨

    • Feature
    • Improvement
    • Fix

    We're excited to share with you the first BIG update of 2024! This update is packed with enhancements designed to improve your experience. We've added a major finance update and new features like data exporting and setting standard artist fees. Let's dive in!

    Thanks to your valuable feedback, we've significantly upgraded Stagent's financial features. We've changed how you generate invoices and credit notes, making it customizable and easier to handle multiple documents per booking. Now, managing your finances with Stagent is more straightforward and efficient than ever.

    • Flexible Invoicing: Introducing a customizable invoicing system where you choose the bookings and expenses to bill.
    • Improved Credit Notes: Easily generate credit notes from any invoice with a few clicks, selecting exactly what bookings or expenses to credit.

    • Enhanced Finance Tracking: Dive into a comprehensive finance overview with our new 'invoices' view, tracking everything from outstanding balances to payments received and credits, all at a glance.
    • Flexible Withholding Tax Options: Manage international bookings with ease by excluding specific bookings from Withholding Tax for any event.
    • Automated Reverse Charge Notes: Invoices now automatically adapt to include "Reverse charge VAT applies" based on VAT numbers. Improved Invoice Security: Enhance control over your financial records by only allowing deletion of the most recent invoice.
    • Reference Numbers for Better Tracking: Stay organized with the addition of Reference (PO) numbers to invoices and contracts.
    • Versatile VAT Handling on Invoices: Invoices now support various VAT percentages for expenses, along with the flexibility to separate booking and artist fees.
    • Streamlined Communication: Send invoices and contracts directly to a new default billing or legal email address, with the option to add additional recipients for each send.

    Enhancements & User-Driven Updates:

    Beyond the comprehensive finance update we've detailed, we're excited to announce a significant upgrade to Stagent's underlying framework. This enhancement not only positions us to seamlessly integrate new features but also brings about sweeping design improvements across the platform for an enriched user experience. But our advancements don't end here:

    • Standard Booking Fee Automation: Set a default booking fee for each artist that automatically applies to new bookings.
    • Enhanced Booking Exports: Export booking details for all artists, a specific one, or within a chosen date range, available in both Excel and CSV formats.
    • Comprehensive Company and Contact Exports: Export detailed lists of all companies and contacts directly from Stagent.
    • Faster Team Management: With the improved team switcher, navigating between different artist and agency teams has never been easier.
    • UI/UX Improvements: Experience the platform like never before with UI improvements that make Stagent more intuitive and visually appealing and faster to work with.
  • Export bookings, companies and contacts

    • Feature

    Exports are here! You can now export data for bookings, companies, and contacts.

    • Booking Exports: You can now export booking data for all artists, a specific artist, or within a specific date range, with options for Excel or CSV file formats. You can find the export button on the bookings overview, or for agency teams on the artists' bookings view.
    • Company and Contact Exports: You can now export all companies and contacts, with options for Excel or CSV file formats. You can find the export button on the contacts view.
  • VIES VAT number validation and more

    • Improvement
    • Fix

    We added several finance related enhancements and fixes.

    • Added VIES Validation: All VAT number inputs now feature VIES validation for enhanced accuracy and compliance.
    • Phone inputs have been updated with the new validation UI, mirroring the VAT number inputs for a consistent user experience.
    • Invoices will now automatically include the note "Reverse charge VAT applies." based on both your and your client's VAT numbers.


    • Fixed a bug where adding availability required a page refresh. Now, no refresh is needed, streamlining the process.
    • Addressed and fixed a problem where some deleted payments were causing issues.
  • Minor finance improvements

    • Improvement

    In the coming weeks, we're excited to roll out a series of finance-related updates, improvements, and fixes. Our kickoff includes the following key changes:

    • Deposit settings can now be modified directly from the 'Edit Invoice' section.
    • It is now possible to exclude specific bookings from the event-wide Withholding Tax (WHT) calculation.
  • Reference numbers and expense VAT fix

    • Feature
    • Fix

    We have implemented the ability to add a reference number (PO number) to both invoices and contracts. This feature enhances tracking and management of documents for better organization and efficiency.

    Invoices have been updated to display various expense VAT percentages separately, rather than aggregating them into one Expense VAT total. This provides a more detailed and accurate breakdown of VAT charges for better financial clarity and reporting.

  • Enhanced 'New Event' form

    • Improvement

    We've made improvements to the 'New Event' form in Stagent for a smoother user experience. The event name and buyer inputs are no longer required, offering you greater flexibility when adding new events. Additionally, we've added a convenient 'Buyer is venue' toggle that automatically populates the venue name and address based on the selected buyer.

  • Default status for new bookings

    • Feature

    We're introducing a new setting in Stagent to enhance your booking workflow. You can now set a default status for new bookings, either "Option" or "Requested," according to your preferences. The default remains "Option". You can find this new setting under your Team Preferences.

  • New event statuses and automations

    • Feature

    We're excited to introduce a comprehensive update to the event status feature in Stagent, designed to provide a clearer picture of the event's progress and streamline your workflow. With this update, we've added a new set of event statuses and introduced automation for better event management. Here's what's new:

    New Event Statuses

    We've introduced a complete set of event statuses to better represent the various stages of an event:

    • Requested: When a new booking request comes in via the booking widget.
    • Preparing: The default status, indicating the event is being prepared.
    • Pending: Used when waiting for a signature or payment.
    • Advancing: Applied when advancing the event.
    • Ready: Signifying that everything is ready for the performance.
    • Completed: Indicates that everything is done.
    • Canceled: Applied when an event has been canceled.

    Automated event statuses

    To simplify event management, we've implemented automation for certain status updates. For example:

    • When a contract or invoice is sent, the status is automatically set to "Pending."
    • When a contract is signed or payment is received, the status is updated to "Advancing."
    • The status changes from "Ready" to "Completed" three days after the performance when the invoice is settled and the contract is signed.

    You have the flexibility to enable or disable automatic status updates from the "Team Preferences" settings. This allows you to customize the automation to suit your specific workflow.

    Please note that the event status changes are not shared with the artist, ensuring that your internal workflow and communication remain separate.

  • Separate booking fee on invoices

    • Feature

    We're excited to introduce a significant enhancement to our invoicing system that provides greater flexibility and transparency in your invoice presentations. With this update, you can now show booking fees separately from the artist fee on invoices, offering you more control over how you communicate costs to your clients.

    Under "Team > Invoice Preferences," we've added a new setting that allows you to customize how booking fees and artist fees are displayed on your invoices. By enabling this setting, you have the option to always display the booking fee separately from the artist fee, providing a clearer breakdown of costs to your clients.

    While the new default setting ensures consistency and transparency in your invoice presentation, we understand that there may be exceptional cases. That's why we've also included the ability to overrule this setting on a per-invoice basis. This means you have the flexibility to tailor each invoice according to your specific requirements.

  • Draft invoices, contracts and statements

    • Feature
    • Improvement

    We're excited to introduce a significant improvement to our document generation process, which includes invoices, contracts, and statements. This update aims to maintain a clear sequential order for these documents. Here's what's new.

    Starting with this update, all invoices, contracts, and statements are now generated with a new draft number. This draft number is assigned when the document is initially created, helping you organize and identify your drafts effectively.

    The significant change is that the document will only receive a generated follow-up number from the system once it's sent. This ensures that the sequential order of these documents remains intact, making it easier to track and manage them.

    This enhancement is just the beginning of our efforts to improve our invoicing system, so stay tuned for more updates and improvements in the near future.

  • Optimized calendar view

    • Improvement

    We're significantly enhanced the calendar view on the Bookings page, particularly for teams managing a large number of bookings. In response to user feedback, we've optimized the calendar's loading speed by streamlining the item loading process for cases where a substantial number of bookings are involved.

    This improvement guarantees faster access to booking information and a more efficient experience when handling a high volume of bookings. By reducing the number of items loaded simultaneously, we've created a smoother and more responsive calendar view..

    We believe that these enhancements will be especially valuable for those managing a large number of bookings, ensuring you can efficiently oversee and navigate your schedule. If you still encounter slow loading times or have additional feedback, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us at [email protected].

  • Refined booking visibility

    • Improvement

    We are introducing an important update to booking visibility in Stagent, aimed at enhancing the artists' experience.

    Requested bookings, whether they originate from the booking widget or are set to "Requested" manually, will no longer be visible to artists. However, please note that this change primarily affects bookings managed by agencies.

    For independent artists who manage their own bookings without an agency, this visibility change will not apply. Independent artists will still have access to their requested bookings, ensuring they can effectively oversee their bookings.

  • Design and UI changes

    • Improvement

    We've given Stagent a fresh makeover. The slightly updated color scheme features brighter tones, which adds increased contrast to the entire application. This redesign brings a more modern and cleaner appearance by reducing rounded elements and minimizing shadows. Furthermore, we've added animation to the menu buttons, creating additional space for displaying status labels.

    We've also overhauled the left menu, incorporating the personal menu into this redesigned interface. This change was made to free up more screen real estate for the 'New Event' button, which is now conveniently accessible from anywhere within the application, whether you're using it on a desktop or mobile device.

  • Invoice and contract indicators

    • Improvement

    We've introduced new indicators on the bookings overview page, providing at-a-glance information about the status of invoices and contracts. This improvement allows you to instantly check the status of an invoice or contract without the need to open the event overview. The indicators always display the status of the latest invoice or contract, enhancing the user experience and streamlining your workflow.

  • Contacts Archive

    • Improvement

    We've been attentive to your feedback regarding the necessity to delete companies and contacts. Recognizing that these entities can be intricately linked to booking details, a straightforward deletion approach wasn't the most optimal solution. As a response, we've introduced a smooth and efficient method for archiving and restoring both companies and contacts. This ensures that no crucial data is permanently lost while providing you with the flexibility to manage your records effectively.

    With the introduction of archiving for contacts and companies, a new archive section will now be accessible. Within this archive, you'll have the ability to easily restore any previously archived contacts or companies, allowing for a seamless management of your archived records. This feature offers a practical way to keep your data organized and retrievable when needed.

  • Artist statements

    • Feature

    Generating statements is now a breeze with Stagent! Just head to the new Statements section and, with a simple button press, generate a statement. Stagent efficiently gathers all booking data and crafts a statement tailored to your chosen timeframe and artist. Best part? You can send the statement directly to your artist without ever leaving Stagent.

    Some of our users have already experienced this new feature in beta over the past few months, and the feedback has been resoundingly positive. Beyond this, we've introduced a new 'mark as paid' status, further refined the statements from their testing phase, and expanded this feature to both artist and agency teams. This new feature is available for Professional plans and up.

  • Improvements to 'In the night' bookings

    • Improvement

    We've all faced it; bookings that happen during the night. You want to communicate these bookings in a way that it's clear for everyone when this booking actually takes place. Take a booking for Saturday 2am. Is this booking taking place on Saturday, or on Sunday?

    In Stagent we use the effective booking date, so if the event takes place on Saturday, and the artist has been booked for 2am, the effective booking date is Sunday 2am. As of today, we've added logic to Stagent that automatically shows 'In the night' bookings on the day before. This means the booking in the example above will be displayed as a booking on Saturday. We automatically apply this new logic to all bookings that happen between 00:00am and 08:00am.

    Here's a side by side comparison where Yesterdayland was before, and Tomorrowland is current. See how we've moved the booking from Sunday to Saturday?

    We've made changes throughout the whole platform. Bookings now clearly show on what day artists have to perform, and we even added a nifty little indicator.

    But we didn't stop there. Stagent also offers a calendar integration to sync bookings to your favorite calendar app. As we didn't want to change the actual booking date (as this would be false information), we've added a new full day event the day before the 'In the night' booking. Multiple 'In the night' bookings will change the label of the full day event. Pretty neat, right?

    It's worth mentioning that we do not change any dates, we only change the day (Monday, etc), grouping and sorting order. Dates on invoices and contracts remain untouched.

  • Improved settings page

    • Improvement

    As we are constantly updating Stagent with new features, the team settings page became longer and longer which made the settings page look cluttered. We've now separated the different settings sections into their own page.

    Keep in mind that team members with the role 'Member' cannot access the settings page.

  • Back button

    • Improvement

    You've asked for it, the dedicated 'Back' button is here. With the new settings page comes a different navigation experience. With the new back button you'll easily navigate through all the new sections. We've also added this back button throughout the rest of Stagent, and is also available on mobile.

  • Custom fields as analytics filter

    • Feature

    Stagent's Professional plan allows you to create custom fields. These custom fields can be used to adjust Stagent to your liking. We've now added the ability to use these fields on the new Analytics page. Simply enable a custom field to use with analytics from the custom field's settings, and the new filter will become available on the Analytics page.

  • Set BCC for invoices and contracts

    • Feature

    You can now set multiple BCC addresses for both invoices and contracts. Handy if you automatically want to forward every invoice to your accounting software, or every contract to a specific person in charge.

    You can easily set BCC addresses from your team settings.

  • Major changes to contracts and invoices

    • Feature
    • Improvement
    • Fix

    Stagent makes it easy to generate and send contracts and invoices. Before this update both contracts and invoices were not stored separately which could result in changed contracts or invoices, even after they were sent, signed or paid. Not anymore! Contracts and invoices are now stored separately after sending.

    Credit notes

    Did something change after sending an invoice? We've got you covered. Stagent will now automatically detect changes to your finances and advice you to either generate a credit note or an additional invoice. Piece of cake. 🍰

    Custom invoice line items

    You can now add custom line items to your invoice while generating. This is especially useful when it's not an expense, but rather an extra service or product you want to invoice your client.

    Custom contract/invoice numbers

    On top of that, both contracts and invoices now offer a way to customize the name. You can use multiple variables to customize the names to your liking.


    • New emails added to include credit notes
    • Sell as show now contains a tax input
    • Invoices now display the event name
    • Contacts are now editable from within the event
    • You can now create new contacts when sending invoices or contracts
    • The booking request email from the widget contains more information


    • The team invitation badge was misplaced, we fixed it
    • The booking request widget time dropdown now ranges from 07:00 to 06:00 which makes it easier to select the correct time
    • The requirements content sometimes didn't render spaces, fixed
    • Minor UI improvements
  • Push notifications for Android

    • Feature

    Our Android app now support notifications! Update (or download if you haven't already) the Stagent app to start receiving notifications. 🔔

    Artists managed by an agency will receive 'Booking confirmed' and 'Booking canceled' notifications.

    Agents or artists managing their own bookings receive notifications when payments are received, invoices are overdue and contracts are either signed or rejected. Expect more notifications soon.

  • Sell as show

    • Feature

    One of Stagent's unique features is the combined bookings within the same event, which makes it easy to generate just one contract and one invoice for all bookings on the same event. This lists all the different artists on the invoice and contract. However, in some cases you don't want to list them all but rather sell them as one show. Now you can. 💪🏼

    From the finance section within an event, head to the finance settings and enable the 'Sell as show' feature. It replaces the total fees with a new fixes fee and its own optional tax field.

  • Website booking request widget, improvements and fixes

    • Feature
    • Improvement
    • Fix

    Booking widget

    You can now add a widget to your website with jut one line of code. The widget is customizable to your liking. Change the primary color and font, enable or disable artists and enable or disable their availability. Generate the script for your code from the bookings overview and hit the 'Booking Widget' button. More info can be found here.


    • The venue address autocomplete has changed from venue name to line 1.
    • Edit the buyer within the event by clicking the buyer on the event card.
    • Added phone input to contact create slideover.
    • Optimized booking request widget time selection, starting at 07:00 now.
    • Added all booking request widget data to the confirmation email.


    • Event requirements is now full width.
    • Booking request email missed spaces some times, now fixed.
    • Renamed VAT to TAX on some places to be more consistent now.
  • Better system-wide notifications

    • Improvement

    We updated our notifications system throughout the platform. It features better control from the notifications tab like mark as read and a new option to delete all notifications. They are now clickable and have an overall better UI. Notifications now appear from the bottom.

  • Connect to 5.000+ integrations with Zapier

    • Feature

    Stagent can connect with over 5.000+ apps and seamlessly share information with our new Zapier integration. Through this integration, promoters & talent buyers can easily make requests through your existing website. Zapier allows you to, in example, automatically 'Zap' incoming bookings from Google Forms and other data inputs on your website directly into Stagent without manual data entry.

    Check Zapier to see possible integrations and options for workflow automation.

  • Accept online payments with Stripe Connect

    • Feature

    You can now send your invoices with the option for promoters & talent buyers to pay directly online by creating a Stripe Connect account; an online payment processing provider with more options for payment customization compared to PayPal. With Stripe Connect, you will be able to accept 135+ currencies through popular payment methods, such as: Credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, SEPA Direct Debit and many more, all over the world.

    Invoices and deposits generated through Stagent will have a separate payment link and the remaining balance and completed payments will automatically be logged and recorded in Stagent, meaning we automatically track your accounts receivable.

    Last but not least, our new push notifications will notify you directly on incoming payments.

  • Autocomplete dropdowns, improvements and fixes

    • Improvement
    • Fix

    Autocomplete dropdowns

    Selecting eg. an artist or buyer can result in very long dropdowns. That's why we've added new dropdowns with autocomplete, so you can search for the right artist or buyer with ease.


    We've made some slight improvements to Stagent:

    • You can now add a tax ID while creating a new company.
    • New 'Payment received' and 'Invoice overdue' push notifications.


    • Zapier now returns their updated API url, so authentication issues are resolved.
  • Push notifications for iOS

    • Feature

    Our iOS app now support notifications! Update (or download if you haven't already) the Stagent app to start receiving notifications. 🔔

    Artists managed by an agency will receive 'Booking confirmed' and 'Booking canceled' notifications.

    Agents or artists managing their own bookings receive notifications when payments are received, invoices are overdue and contracts are either signed or rejected. Expect more notifications soon. Android will also support notifications soon.

  • 'In the Night', design updates and more

    • Improvement

    In the night

    We’ve launched a new feature 'In the Night'. 🌙

    Sometimes it is confusing about what day your artist was performing on, if they were scheduled at night or in the early morning. Now, we let you know which night your artist performs, which is easier to understand. In example, a bookings on Saturday between 00.00 and 08.00 now shows 'Friday night'. We also spent this week redesigning some aspects of our app to make it clearer, easier to use, and prettier. 💅🏼

    Design updates

    Firstly, the top bar is now fixed to the edge of the screen, even when you scroll. This allows you to navigate the app better. The tabs have also been moved up and also fixed to the top of the screen, and centred. Now you don’t need to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page to change tabs within an event.

    Our itinerary cards have received a small update to make sure that they display the most relevant information in the best way. The title of each card is now clickable to edit it, and the delete button is smaller and out of the way of the rest of the card’s content. For bookings, there’s now a coloured border in the app which is a great visual indicator to tell you the status at a glance.

  • New Schedule page

    • Feature

    Artists now have a dedicated page for their full schedule ahead, one page for all their traveling details with in-depth info. Sometimes, it’s also useful that agents have an overview of their artists’ entire tour schedule without visiting each of their events individually. Now, there’s a Schedule page that allows you to see all this information in one place:

    Just select which artist you want to view the schedule for, and all of their itineraries are displayed. You can load more of the schedule from the past or future at the click of a button. You can also edit cards without leaving the page. Only events for which the artist is confirmed to be playing at are displayed in the schedule.

  • Custom fields

    • Feature

    Ever wanted to be able to store more information about your artists, bookings, or contacts, but add it all to Stagent? Now you can!

    Visit your team settings, and you’ll find a new “Custom Fields” page:

    From here, you’re able to add a new custom field to Stagent. These custom fields can be changed depending on what information you want to store in them. For example, “long text” is great for writing paragraphs of notes about your artists, and a “dropdown” allows you to pick between a few different options that you’ve written. That’ll save time when you use it in the app!

    Now, when you visit the Edit Artist form, you’ll be able to add a paragraph about your artist and select their genre:

  • Manage all contracts and invoices

    • Feature

    We’ve added two new pages to your Stagent dashboard. They let you manage all invoices and contracts for your events from one place, without having to browse through different events:

    You can filter the invoices and contracts inside the table, which help you find the documents that you need, quickly:

    It also features bulk options so you can send reminders to your clients with ease. These new pages are hidden to artists who are connected to at least one agency who manages their bookings.

  • eSignatures, availability, calendar improvements and fixes

    • Feature
    • Improvement


    We’ve added eSignatures to Stagent so you can sign contracts digitally. How does it work? The buyer will receive an email with the request to sign the contract and then be brought to an online version, where they are prompted to verify their identity through the SMS verification, or they can sign directly.


    We’ve added the option for agencies and artists to add preferred availability or block certain dates. A new button in the calendar overview allows you to ‘Add availability’. Select the specific artist (when using an agency account only), the status (available or unavailable) and the reason, so your entire team is up to date.


    We added a batch of improvements to Stagent:

    • The calendar has been updated to provide a clearer overview of the upcoming events and are now displayed under the calendar overview, separately.
    • You can now add new bookings from within the calendar overview.
    • The calendar will list the bookings of the current and next month underneath the overview.
    • Adding partial payments to the booking finances updates the invoice.
    • Artists can now see the documents added by their agency related to their bookings.
    • You can now add documents, such as hospitality and technical riders to the contract before sending it to the buyer.
    • Contracts language can be switched to display English or Dutch headers.
    • For agencies, enabling the booking finances of your artists now gives the option to display the artist and booking fee or artist fee only.
    • Design of our mobile application on Android and Apple has been improved.
  • Better alerts and artists' calendar feeds

    • Improvement

    We've worked on improving Stagent and incorporated the feedback of our users:

    • Stagent now notifies you if showtime is missing or overlapping
    • Agency teams can now generate specific calendar URL's for individual artists
    • Agency teams can control if their artists see their booking finances
  • Manage expenses

    • Feature

    We expanded the bookings' finance section with expenses for itinerary items, such as for taxis, flights or hotels, and to specify who’s responsible for handling and paying for these. It's a clear overview that lists all expenses per artist.

    You can also add custom expenses to your booking and indicate for which artist the expense is required.

  • Change buyer, drafts, and improvements

    • Feature
    • Improvement

    Change buyer

    You can now change the buyer for your event. To change the buyer and go to a booking, click 'Manage event'. From within the slideover you'll find a new 'Buyer' dropdown.


    Added an event without a booking and lost the event? These events will now show up as drafts on top of your bookings overview. Pretty neat, right?


    We added new improvements to Stagent

    • Bookings now show the end time of a set
    • Adding new bookings to existing events now have populated dates
    • Seconds have been removed from date/time inputs
    • Added timezone support for users, set in personal settings
    • Personal settings now include notification settings for the newsletter and product updates
    • Optimizations to mobile screens for better usability
  • We're starting a changelog

    Big news today, we're starting a public changelog so you're always up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made in Stagent.

    Even though we work on Stagent all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of the communication between you and us.

    You'll always receive an update when we change something in the widget, or if needed all things we've changed is available on our public changelog page.